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Abatement and Remediation Disaster Restoration Healthcare Construction
January 19, 2023

The Basics of Respirator Fit Testing

In this blog, we break down when you should fit test respirators, the difference between qualitative and quantitative fit testing, as well as how to choose which test is right for...

Disaster Restoration
December 6, 2022

Winter Maintenance Guide: Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are known to cause significant damage. It's important to be prepared for freezing temperatures. Here is our winter maintenance guide to prevent frozen pipes...

Disaster Restoration
November 17, 2022

Winterization checklist: How to prepare your building for winter

While winter storms are outside your control, preparing for them is not. Here are some quick tips to prepare your building for winter...

Career Story
November 14, 2022

Meet Dylan Head – Accounts Receivable Specialist

Meet Aire Guardian Dylan Head, our Accounts Receivable Specialist. Read about his unique career experience and how Abatement helped Dylan balance education and career...

Disaster Restoration Healthcare Construction
November 8, 2022

What to do When Flooding Occurs in a Hospital

What to do when flooding occurs in a hospital. Hospitals, like all buildings, are subject to maintenance, repair, and restoration needs, sometimes at a moment's notice...

Career Story
November 7, 2022

Meet Taby Jones – Technical Process Specialist

Meet Aire Guardian Taby Jones, Taby utilizes her education in statistics, research and methods planning to thrive in her role as the Technical Processes Specialist at Abatement...

Disaster Restoration
November 7, 2022

5 Years Later – How Abatement Technologies Aided Hurricane Maria

September is historically the time of year with the most likely conditions for the formation of hurricanes in the mid-Atlantic region. Read about how Abatement Technologies helps.....

Duct Cleaning Home Air Purification
November 3, 2022

IAQ is Creating Big Opportunities for Service Contractors

Residential and commercial air duct cleaning is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in the booming indoor air quality field, with excellent annual growth rates...

Abatement and Remediation Disaster Restoration Healthcare Construction
August 31, 2022

The Top 4 Considerations When Evaluating Portable Air Scrubbers

When purchasing portable air scrubbers for use on restoration or mold remediation projects, there are many factors that should be considered in selecting the proper equipment....

Disaster Restoration Duct Cleaning Healthcare Construction Patient Isolation
August 11, 2022

The Secrets of Negative Pressure Containment

The average hospital lasts more than 40 years, and often as many as 100 years. If you've ever considered buying an old house, or seen others do it on TV, you know just how much...

Disaster Restoration Healthcare Construction Patient Isolation
July 28, 2022

Critical Environment Protection

A Critical Environment is any area where something can be easily affected by external contamination. Learn more about the importance of negative pressure containment...

Disaster Restoration
July 27, 2022

Disaster Restoration Solutions

Learn about equipment, products and chemicals to help fire and water restoration contractors and mold abatement contractors increase productivity and dry structures faster...

Disaster Restoration Healthcare Construction
July 26, 2022

7 FAQ’s About Asbestos Abatement Equipment

The job of removing asbestos required contractors to enlist preventative measures to control dangerous dust particles and that's where we found our niche and specialty...

Duct Cleaning Home Air Purification
June 27, 2022

The Best Ways to Enhance Whole-Home Air Purification

Clean purified air is desired more than ever, especially in our homes. Harmful particles and pathogens can pose a risk on our short and long term health...

Disaster Restoration Healthcare Construction Patient Isolation
June 27, 2022

Things To Consider Before Comparing Airflow Ratings

Things to consider before comparing airflow ratings. There is no standardized method that manufacturers use to rate the airflow of their air filtration devices. Different methods can...

Disaster Restoration Healthcare Construction Patient Isolation
June 5, 2022

Reusable Modular Walls Are Becoming The New Standard

Standard practice for healthcare facilities in the United States and Canada is the requirement of a temporary dust barrier wall during renovation and maintenance operations...