Meet Brandy Fulton – Human Resources and Health and Safety Specialist

Meet Brandy Fulton - Human Resources and Health and Safety Specialist

At some organizations, some employees are just a number. But, this is not the case at Abatement Technologies. We know that our team members, or as we call them, Aire Guardians, are the secret to our success, so we’re committed to making Abatement Technologies the best place to work. 

Recently, we sat down with Brandy Fulton, who was an HR Assistant at the time of our interview but has since been promoted to Human Resources and Health and Safety Specialist, to talk about her experience at the company.. 

Becoming an Aire Guardian

Brandy has been a part of the Abatement team for two years. After initially studying journalism, Brandy went back to school for human resources. When she saw a job opening at Abatement Technologies, she recognized it as an opportunity to put her degree to good use. 

“Even at an entry level, I’ve gained leadership experience in my field of study, which has been an amazing opportunity.”

Despite changing industries from journalism to HR, her experience has not been wasted. Brandy got plenty of practice conducting interviews as a journalism student, which has served her well in her new role. 

“The interviewing experience I had from journalism plays a huge role in the recruitment side of my job now.”

Keeping everyone safe

Safety is a critical concern when you’re manufacturing products at a scale like we are at Abatement Technologies. And it’s something Brandy doesn’t take lightly. She counts safety as the most crucial aspect of what she does.

“I always joke that I'm super accident-prone. And that's probably why health and safety is so important to me. For me, a good day is when I get to send everybody home in the same condition as when they showed up. A great day is when I get to laugh with at least one person on the shop floor, brighten their day, and get a few things knocked off of my to-do list.”

Bringing everyone under one roof

At the time of our conversation, we were only a few months away from moving into our new company headquarters.  We asked Brandy how she felt about the big move.

“I can’t wait for the move! I love working in a medium-sized business because I really get to know everyone. You learn their names, their schedules, and even things about their families and interests. Moving to the new building means I’ll get to know even more people, and my work community will just keep growing.” 

Why Brandy loves coming to work

To bring our conversation to a close, we talked with Brandy about what makes Abatement Technologies the company it is. For Brandy, it’s all about the team culture. Without it, the company wouldn’t be the same. 

“Abatement definitely wouldn't be the same if we didn't have the sense of community that many of our staff have with each other. It's almost like high school because you get to see these people every day, learn about them, talk with them, and share stories. And you start building that family dynamic. The relationships you build make you want to come to work in the morning and see not just co-workers but people who have become your friends.”

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