Meet Taby Jones – Technical Process Specialist

Taby utilizes her education in statistics, research and methods planning to thrive in her role as the Technical Processes Specialist at Abatement Technologies. Every day is different, says Jones, but getting to visit the production team and physically interact with the products she tracks the processes, issues and other information for is the exciting part.

“I like getting to go down and play with things and see what the products are that I've been writing paperwork on - those are my fun days”


Jones has been an Aire Guardian since 2021 and continues to help our research and development team grow in data management and process tracking. 

I started creating processes and tracking things, it was easy to see what kind of niches I would fill and places I could fit. It turned into, okay, this is definitely the kind of stuff that I need to be doing. And now we're finding other areas that could really use processes, tracking and documentation.”

With her high attention to detail, scheduling and organizational skills, Taby has been able to help structure the creative mindsets of the research and development team and create processes and procedures that support projects from the time they’re started through to completion.

“Getting to be with the research and development team, I get to see them play with things and try to break things just to see if they'll break. it's like being in kindergarten all over again, but for grownups, so I'm kind of on board.”

A future of growth

Abatement Technologies as a company has grown a lot within the past few years, one thing that hasn’t changed, is the way we come together as a team. 

“My role is very much about helping different teams communicate with one another. So I get to talk to everyone across the whole company and everyone's very helpful. They know I'm new, they're willing to help me figure out and learn whatever it is I need to, but they're also willing to help me learn how to do it myself. So I just think having an environment like that really fosters growth and you know, it makes me wanna stick around”

With the current expansion of the Abatement Technologies Headquarters underway, the future is looking bright for the research and development team who will move to a new state-of-the-art facility and continue to create and innovate. When asked about the expansion Taby shared her enthusiasm.  

“Oh, I'm super excited. I drive by it every day. So I've watched it go from the ground up and it's exciting to be back together, communicating on a daily basis. I think that'll be fun and who doesn't wanna move into a shiny new building”

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