Meet Dylan Head – Accounts Receivable Specialist

Meet Dylan Head - Accounts Receivable Specialist 

Following the first round of his Master's Degree, Dylan found himself in need of an employment opportunity. When he expanded his reach to Fort Erie, Ontario he joined Abatement Technologies as an Accounts Receivable Specialist.

New Skills Create New Roles

Head became an Aire Guardian in 2020 and has been a finance team member since. Though he was unfamiliar with our industries of work, he was willing to apply his background however possible. The interview process had been an interesting one. Head had originally applied for an administrative role to secure employment when the application process took a special turn.

“Thankfully, Kayla the CFO saw my resume and my accounting background. I came in, really liked the people, the office was nice, and I had a good time overall, I was just really hoping to come back for an interview. Keith in HR called and gave me the news saying I didn't get the job - I knew he couldn’t be calling just for that - He followed up by saying they had created a new accounting-related position for me. Which I was super stoked about”

As Abatement navigated the obstacles brought forward by COVID Dylan found himself focused on material ordering volumes for the better part of a year - when he was also able to incorporate a flexible schedule to continue his education.

“The amount of flexibility I was given by Abatement to ensure that I was able to finish my education I was just astounded with. I honestly think that if I worked for almost any other company, my expectations wouldn't have been nearly as high as they ended up being fulfilled.” 

Leaving by Good Graces

What makes Dylan's career story unique is that completing this educational journey is still critical, which means he will move on from Abatement and work towards receiving his CPA designation.

“I don't think I'll forget about Abatement anytime soon. The transition to the new job is a move out of necessity not out of want. If I could stay with Abatement I definitely would. Probably the best company I've ever worked for, I have never felt so cared about.”

A Company Big Enough to Know and Small Enough to Care

When asked what makes Abatement Technologies the company it is today, Dylan was quick to share that it’s the people.

“What they grant their employees, the flexibility, you just can't get that from a stale corporate structure or a big company. When I passed my accounting exam, Kayla the CFO wanted to be the first one to know - she was in a meeting with Andrew Harber the CEO and I figured she’d see my message, do a silent fist pump and come out afterwards... Nope, she immediately jumped out of the meeting, Andrew with her, and proceeded to give me high fives and congratulations.”

Known for a strong reputation of job creation within our community and across Canada, Abatement is always proud to be expanding our team, talents, and in-house abilities.

“From thinking I'm just some guy on the finance team. And they’re just pulling out all the stops for me. Small gestures in the long scheme but just unbelievable kindness that I would never expect from a company. A family company that actually cares in my opinion.”

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