Meet Lukus St Jean – Inventory Coordinator

Meet Lukus St Jean - Career Story

For more than 30 years, Abatement Technologies has been a leader in clean air. But it’s not just our products that have made us successful - it’s our dedication to making a difference. Our team is committed to protecting those in critical environments, and to do this, it's important to ensure our customers have all of the products, materials, and equipment needed to effectively protect themselves and others from harmful dust and other pathogens. This is the job of our inventory coordinators, like Lukus St Jean. 

Joining a diverse team 

Before coming to Abatement, Lukus already had connections to the company. He previously worked with our production manager at another organization and was referred to apply to the Abatement team. 

“I already knew our production manager, Scott. But, I didn’t know my other supervisors. They each have their own personality and are able to bring something different to the table. It’s nice to have a variety of experts to lean on, and each of them are extremely helpful.”

Gaining experience 

Since Lukus began working at Abatement Technologies three years ago, he has taken on several roles. Starting in wiring panels and eventually moving to our Aire Guardian SHIELD WALL™ line, Lukus has extensive knowledge in protecting those in healthcare settings. In fact, Lukus was the lead hand on the product line for Abatement’s healthcare clients for the majority of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Working through a pandemic in a company that makes air purification equipment was a unique experience. It was extremely fast-paced, but working so closely every day with our experts and learning from team members helped me get to where I am today.”

Making a difference 

At Abatement Technologies we are dedicated to making and perfecting equipment that helps improve people’s livelihood. 

“Working in this industry is so rewarding, and working in an environment where everyone feels like family just really makes coming to work enjoyable. We all have our own personalities and ways of working, but at the end of the day, we are all working to achieve the same goal - to help people.”

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Meet Jaimie Basinski – Warehouse Coordinator

Meet Jaimie Basinski - Warehouse Coordinator

What makes the team unique at Abatement Technologies is that each employee comes from different walks of life with different industry experiences. But, we all work together on a common theme - Being the leaders in clean air. Dedicated to this mission, Abatement Technologies employees often wear many hats and are cross-trained in multiple aspects of the business. This is the case with Aire Guardian, Jaimie Basinski. 

A company of opportunities

Jaimie has been an Aire Guardian for almost two years and has worn many hats since her initial hire. From handling shipping and receiving operations at Abatement’s secondary location to managing inventory for the company, Jaimie spends a lot of time interacting with customs for cross-border shipments.  

“I love the variety of my job and the challenge that comes with learning new things. I’ve had the opportunity to move into different fields since I was hired, and it’s interesting having the ability to learn what everyone does at the company and the role each position plays.”

A passion for helping others

“What makes me so passionate about working for Abatement Technologies is really about helping people. I love learning about where our products are going and how they are improving lives. For instance, during the pandemic, we sent a lot of products to hospitals. The ability to help families and bring them together makes what you do exciting.”

Everyone feels like family 

Jaimie was attracted to working at Abatement Technologies not only because of their dedication to protecting others, but also because of their family-focused environment. 

“You don’t see a lot of workplaces where everyone feels like home when you walk in the doors. Usually, people are just there for a job and don’t really care about who they work with. But at Abatement Technologies, you care about who you work with, and you enjoy seeing everyone every day, and you look forward to it. It just makes Abatement, Abatement.”

Diversity across the company 

At Abatement Technologies, we employ people from all different age groups, backgrounds, and industries. This diversity is what Jaimie loves most about our team. 

“The most fun part of the job is all of the different people you meet. Some of the most interesting people are here at Abatement Technologies. It’s so nice to learn about people and get to know their stories and how they ended up at Abatement. Everyone has their own story and it’s fun to learn about why they enjoy what they do.”

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Meet Brandy Fulton – Human Resources and Health and Safety Specialist

Meet Brandy Fulton - Human Resources and Health and Safety Specialist

At some organizations, some employees are just a number. But, this is not the case at Abatement Technologies. We know that our team members, or as we call them, Aire Guardians, are the secret to our success, so we’re committed to making Abatement Technologies the best place to work. 

Recently, we sat down with Brandy Fulton, who was an HR Assistant at the time of our interview but has since been promoted to Human Resources and Health and Safety Specialist, to talk about her experience at the company.. 

Becoming an Aire Guardian

Brandy has been a part of the Abatement team for two years. After initially studying journalism, Brandy went back to school for human resources. When she saw a job opening at Abatement Technologies, she recognized it as an opportunity to put her degree to good use. 

“Even at an entry level, I’ve gained leadership experience in my field of study, which has been an amazing opportunity.”

Despite changing industries from journalism to HR, her experience has not been wasted. Brandy got plenty of practice conducting interviews as a journalism student, which has served her well in her new role. 

“The interviewing experience I had from journalism plays a huge role in the recruitment side of my job now.”

Keeping everyone safe

Safety is a critical concern when you’re manufacturing products at a scale like we are at Abatement Technologies. And it’s something Brandy doesn’t take lightly. She counts safety as the most crucial aspect of what she does.

“I always joke that I'm super accident-prone. And that's probably why health and safety is so important to me. For me, a good day is when I get to send everybody home in the same condition as when they showed up. A great day is when I get to laugh with at least one person on the shop floor, brighten their day, and get a few things knocked off of my to-do list.”

Bringing everyone under one roof

At the time of our conversation, we were only a few months away from moving into our new company headquarters.  We asked Brandy how she felt about the big move.

“I can’t wait for the move! I love working in a medium-sized business because I really get to know everyone. You learn their names, their schedules, and even things about their families and interests. Moving to the new building means I’ll get to know even more people, and my work community will just keep growing.” 

Why Brandy loves coming to work

To bring our conversation to a close, we talked with Brandy about what makes Abatement Technologies the company it is. For Brandy, it’s all about the team culture. Without it, the company wouldn’t be the same. 

“Abatement definitely wouldn't be the same if we didn't have the sense of community that many of our staff have with each other. It's almost like high school because you get to see these people every day, learn about them, talk with them, and share stories. And you start building that family dynamic. The relationships you build make you want to come to work in the morning and see not just co-workers but people who have become your friends.”

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Meet Christine Delisle – Sr. Marketing Coordinator

Meet Christine Delisle - Sr. Marketing Coordinator

At Abatement Technologies, our employees aren’t just staff members. They’re Aire Guardians. From engineering and design to sales and administration, every team member plays a part in keeping people safe with clean air. 

Recently, we sat down with Christine Delisle who serves as the senior marketing coordinator at Abatement Technologies to talk about her journey as an Aire Guardian. 

Becoming an Aire Guardian

Christine has been Aire Guardian for 5 years. Her role began in the marketing department when there were only two people in the department, offering basic marketing services before expanding to a team of four in 2019.

“Having additional resources in the department has really allowed us to foray into new areas of marketing technology that perhaps we weren't able to do with only two of us” said Delisle.

Christine’s bachelor’s degree in languages has been a very valuable skill in her role at Abatement. With a strong background in French, she’s helped the marketing team communicate better with the Quebec staff and customers. 

“We were able to do a translated copy of our website. We've also been able to get all of our marketing materials translated. So I've been happy to assist with that,”  shared Delisle.

Jill of all Trades

Christine has been responsible for many things at Abatement including organizing trade shows, trainings, webinars, content creation, data integrity, and much more. When asked about how her role has evolved, Christine expressed the following: 

“I've had an opportunity to do a lot of varied things. My whole career, I've been sort of "Jill of all trades," and maybe not master of all but certainly able to handle most of it. I think that the growth of Abatement Technologies has certainly given me these additional opportunities to do things that I haven't done before.”

For Christine, working at Abatement Technologies is more than doing interesting tasks. It’s about working together with great people. Here’s how she put it, “I work with incredibly creative and talented people every day, and the rapport that we've built up as a team just does make it a joy to come to work every day.

All Under One Roof

At the time of our conversation, we were only a few months away from moving into our new company headquarters.  We asked Christine how she feels about the big move.

“I think it's going to be very exciting for all of us to be under one roof because right now, we're spread out over three different campuses. And just to see everyone on a daily basis, I think is going to be really enjoyable and exciting.”

To wrap up our conversation, we asked Christine one of our favorite questions, “what would Abatement not be the same without?” She shared: 

“It wouldn't be the same without the Harber family and sort of the culture that they've created in the company. I really admire Andrew Harber, CEO, because he rolled up his sleeves and he worked side by side with other levels of management and administration, building equipment during the pandemic.”

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Meet Dylan Head – Accounts Receivable Specialist

Meet Dylan Head - Accounts Receivable Specialist 

Following the first round of his Master's Degree, Dylan found himself in need of an employment opportunity. When he expanded his reach to Fort Erie, Ontario he joined Abatement Technologies as an Accounts Receivable Specialist.

New Skills Create New Roles

Head became an Aire Guardian in 2020 and has been a finance team member since. Though he was unfamiliar with our industries of work, he was willing to apply his background however possible. The interview process had been an interesting one. Head had originally applied for an administrative role to secure employment when the application process took a special turn.

“Thankfully, Kayla the CFO saw my resume and my accounting background. I came in, really liked the people, the office was nice, and I had a good time overall, I was just really hoping to come back for an interview. Keith in HR called and gave me the news saying I didn't get the job - I knew he couldn’t be calling just for that - He followed up by saying they had created a new accounting-related position for me. Which I was super stoked about”

As Abatement navigated the obstacles brought forward by COVID Dylan found himself focused on material ordering volumes for the better part of a year - when he was also able to incorporate a flexible schedule to continue his education.

“The amount of flexibility I was given by Abatement to ensure that I was able to finish my education I was just astounded with. I honestly think that if I worked for almost any other company, my expectations wouldn't have been nearly as high as they ended up being fulfilled.” 

Leaving by Good Graces

What makes Dylan's career story unique is that completing this educational journey is still critical, which means he will move on from Abatement and work towards receiving his CPA designation.

“I don't think I'll forget about Abatement anytime soon. The transition to the new job is a move out of necessity not out of want. If I could stay with Abatement I definitely would. Probably the best company I've ever worked for, I have never felt so cared about.”

A Company Big Enough to Know and Small Enough to Care

When asked what makes Abatement Technologies the company it is today, Dylan was quick to share that it’s the people.

“What they grant their employees, the flexibility, you just can't get that from a stale corporate structure or a big company. When I passed my accounting exam, Kayla the CFO wanted to be the first one to know - she was in a meeting with Andrew Harber the CEO and I figured she’d see my message, do a silent fist pump and come out afterwards... Nope, she immediately jumped out of the meeting, Andrew with her, and proceeded to give me high fives and congratulations.”

Known for a strong reputation of job creation within our community and across Canada, Abatement is always proud to be expanding our team, talents, and in-house abilities.

“From thinking I'm just some guy on the finance team. And they’re just pulling out all the stops for me. Small gestures in the long scheme but just unbelievable kindness that I would never expect from a company. A family company that actually cares in my opinion.”

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Meet Taby Jones – Technical Process Specialist

Taby utilizes her education in statistics, research and methods planning to thrive in her role as the Technical Processes Specialist at Abatement Technologies. Every day is different, says Jones, but getting to visit the production team and physically interact with the products she tracks the processes, issues and other information for is the exciting part.

“I like getting to go down and play with things and see what the products are that I've been writing paperwork on - those are my fun days”


Jones has been an Aire Guardian since 2021 and continues to help our research and development team grow in data management and process tracking. 

I started creating processes and tracking things, it was easy to see what kind of niches I would fill and places I could fit. It turned into, okay, this is definitely the kind of stuff that I need to be doing. And now we're finding other areas that could really use processes, tracking and documentation.”

With her high attention to detail, scheduling and organizational skills, Taby has been able to help structure the creative mindsets of the research and development team and create processes and procedures that support projects from the time they’re started through to completion.

“Getting to be with the research and development team, I get to see them play with things and try to break things just to see if they'll break. it's like being in kindergarten all over again, but for grownups, so I'm kind of on board.”

A future of growth

Abatement Technologies as a company has grown a lot within the past few years, one thing that hasn’t changed, is the way we come together as a team. 

“My role is very much about helping different teams communicate with one another. So I get to talk to everyone across the whole company and everyone's very helpful. They know I'm new, they're willing to help me figure out and learn whatever it is I need to, but they're also willing to help me learn how to do it myself. So I just think having an environment like that really fosters growth and you know, it makes me wanna stick around”

With the current expansion of the Abatement Technologies Headquarters underway, the future is looking bright for the research and development team who will move to a new state-of-the-art facility and continue to create and innovate. When asked about the expansion Taby shared her enthusiasm.  

“Oh, I'm super excited. I drive by it every day. So I've watched it go from the ground up and it's exciting to be back together, communicating on a daily basis. I think that'll be fun and who doesn't wanna move into a shiny new building”

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