Meet Jaimie Basinski – Warehouse Coordinator

Meet Jaimie Basinski - Warehouse Coordinator

What makes the team unique at Abatement Technologies is that each employee comes from different walks of life with different industry experiences. But, we all work together on a common theme - Being the leaders in clean air. Dedicated to this mission, Abatement Technologies employees often wear many hats and are cross-trained in multiple aspects of the business. This is the case with Aire Guardian, Jaimie Basinski. 

A company of opportunities

Jaimie has been an Aire Guardian for almost two years and has worn many hats since her initial hire. From handling shipping and receiving operations at Abatement’s secondary location to managing inventory for the company, Jaimie spends a lot of time interacting with customs for cross-border shipments.  

“I love the variety of my job and the challenge that comes with learning new things. I’ve had the opportunity to move into different fields since I was hired, and it’s interesting having the ability to learn what everyone does at the company and the role each position plays.”

A passion for helping others

“What makes me so passionate about working for Abatement Technologies is really about helping people. I love learning about where our products are going and how they are improving lives. For instance, during the pandemic, we sent a lot of products to hospitals. The ability to help families and bring them together makes what you do exciting.”

Everyone feels like family 

Jaimie was attracted to working at Abatement Technologies not only because of their dedication to protecting others, but also because of their family-focused environment. 

“You don’t see a lot of workplaces where everyone feels like home when you walk in the doors. Usually, people are just there for a job and don’t really care about who they work with. But at Abatement Technologies, you care about who you work with, and you enjoy seeing everyone every day, and you look forward to it. It just makes Abatement, Abatement.”

Diversity across the company 

At Abatement Technologies, we employ people from all different age groups, backgrounds, and industries. This diversity is what Jaimie loves most about our team. 

“The most fun part of the job is all of the different people you meet. Some of the most interesting people are here at Abatement Technologies. It’s so nice to learn about people and get to know their stories and how they ended up at Abatement. Everyone has their own story and it’s fun to learn about why they enjoy what they do.”

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