Abatement Technologies and Vaportek: Organic Partnership, Organic Products

Abatement Technologies and Vaportek: Organic Partnership, Organic Products

In today’s fast-paced world, value-adding partnerships are more important than ever. However, successful partnerships should not only be beneficial for each company involved, but should also benefit each customer. When partnering with Abatement Technologies, companies gain access to a team of industry experts that not only know the solutions you need, but also care about your customers. Such is the case with our decades-long relationship with our friends at Newtech, the master distributor of Vaportek Odour Control Products in Canada. As the leaders in clean air, we depend on Vaportek’s natural botanical oils to clean and control odours in healthcare settings.

Odour control in healthcare

In a healthcare setting, there are many causes of malodour. Health issues that require certain medications can lead to odour in a patient's breath, and things like infections and incontinence can cause the patients to become the source of malodour. Since these patients are likely immunocompromised in a sensitive environment, it’s critical to use a solution that does not trigger an immune or allergic reaction. With Vaportek, hospitals are able to introduce a small percentage of 36 different types of oils into the environment to eliminate the odour an turn into a more positive and malodour free environment for hospital staff, family members and the patient. 

Vaportek’s wide variety of cleaners and odour control products are ideal not only for healthcare facilities, but for hotels, restaurants, janitorial, automotive – and anywhere else where organic-based odours require neutralization. Vaportek’s products have effectively neutralized powerful odours like mildew, urine, smoke, trash, sewage, biohazards, and much more. 

Using essential oils for odour control

What makes Vaportek unique is that its products are completely natural, aroma therapeutic and safe, which allows Abatement Technologies to offer our clients a “green” solution to their problems.

How do Vaportek’s products work? Its essential oil compounds are plant, flower and tree extracts. When applied to a malodorous area, the molecules are changed into a new molecular form that lessens or physically changes the original odour molecule to the point of nonexistence.  Since the oil-based products eliminate odours naturally, there is no need to evacuate people or pets. Moreover,  there is no residue from fog or moisture to clean up later. 

In today’s eco-conscious society, more and more people are looking for environmentally friendly ways to complete tasks that were once done using toxic, potentially harmful chemical cleaners. We at Abatement Technologies have found that solution and have successfully implemented it for many years with the help of our trusted partners at Vaportek. 

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