We take your privacy seriously at Abatement Technologies, this policy will detail how we protect you and your information, how we use your information (if at all) and how you can ask for it from our company.


We collect and store the information we need to provide you with the goods and services you get from us. When you submit a form on our website, we maintain a contact record using our marketing and client relationship management tools in order to serve you better. We also use your data to inform our advertising strategy on Google PPC and on social ad platforms (mostly Facebook, sometimes LinkedIn), this data is not attached to your contact record but rather pooled in a larger pile of information that assists us with averages and metrics to inform our work. That is it!


You can opt out of using cookies on our site by clicking the banner you see on entry. You can also block cookies in your browser. When you block cookies you prohibit our ability to track your interaction with our site. We only do that to improve our marketing efforts because, as with all businesses, we are interested in improving our efforts, finding efficiencies and closing deals. It is what keeps us informed, allows us to serve you better, and also what keeps the lights on.


We use Google Analytics and other data analysis tools to make sure our site is efficient and earning us money. We have the Facebook pixel installed, also, to keep information about how people interact with our site and Facebook advertisements. We use that data to ensure that when we are advertising we aren't wasting money, and we aren't showing you stuff we can predict you won't care about.

We do not store any detailed personal data about you, we do have tools that capture your IP address, our use of that address is not nefarious. In fact, we don't use that address other than to inform us where you're coming from and to help ensure you see the right products and content for your region. This is also particularly significant right now because this privacy policy is designed to comply with new international data privacy standards.


Anything we collect from you is specifically related to your interaction with our site. When you convert on our website we see a lot more information about you, notably, what you're viewing on our site. We keep that in our Marketing tools, and that ties in with our  CRM. This is super helpful for our business in the same way it is helpful for all business. It helps our salespeople, it helps our marketers, it helps us when you become our client to communicate with you in the way you prefer, provide you the services that are most important to you and really just make sure we are meeting your needs.

All of the tools we have that store your info are listed below:

Pardot, Salesforce, Google Analytics

Not every person that interacts with our site will have their data shared with these tools. You can ask us where your data went and we can tell you that. It is a one screen answer for us, we keep it simple because data, for us, is most powerful that way.


We are fully compliant with CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDRP. If you sign up to receive mail from us, you will. If you are doing business with us, you'll hear from us. If you want to leave, you can unsubscribe. It is simple, and readily available on all of your correspondence with us. If you are not sure how you came to hear from us, ask us. We will explain to you why you’re being contacted and how that works in relationship with the legislative parameters where you are.


If you want your information deleted, tell us. We will not hesitate and delete your data from our system. Following deletion, we will confirm to you that it is complete.


If you're engaged with our company, we might follow you on social media, we might even say hello. If that is unwelcome, tell us. We will stop.

You are not required to follow our social media accounts. We don't and won't ask our employees to temper themselves in the service of us. If they say things that you disagree with or that are incredibly offensive, let us know. We will take it from there.